May 03, 2024
7:00PM to 7:45PM IST
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Embrace stillness, expand your frequency, and step boldly into your transformative journey. The replay of this unique event is now available for purchase.

In May 2024, we experienced a powerful wave of personal transformation, marking both endings and new beginnings. This month urged us to break free from our comfort zones and shape a more fulfilling reality, amplified by intensified energetic shifts.

At the start of May, Pluto's retrograde, a celestial force of birth and rebirth, encouraged us to shed old skin for new growth. This transformative energy was harnessed for personal evolution. The significant 5/5 portal aligned Pluto, Lyra, Pleiades, Andromeda, and Archangel Mary, propelling us toward higher consciousness and marking a pivotal moment in our spiritual awakening.

Following this alignment, the New Moon offered a blank canvas for setting intentions for personal and planetary renewal. This period coincided with the celebration of Akshay Tritihya, a Hindu festival symbolizing growth and prosperity, bringing blessings of abundance and success.

The Taurus New Moon featured a potent astrological alignment with five significant planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus. This phase sought stability amidst change, with Jupiter and Uranus breaking barriers and uplifting us at the soul level.

Sirius's cosmic force was also active, enhancing our body's ability to absorb nutrients and promoting overall health and vitality. Chariclo, the wife of Chiron, brought calm and healing, supporting our journey of personal transformation.

Throughout this month, swift energy fluctuations offered opportunities for rapid growth. Participants joined a 'Live with (Replay) Light Language New Code Download' session, tapping into higher dimensions of consciousness. This session helped expand frequency, receive new codes, and navigate shadow selves.


Come, Let's Heal and Expand!
Many Blessings!

Zeenat Lakdawalla
First Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids and A Transformational Energy Healer with over 10 years of experience. A featured international speaker who has worked with over 1000 clients globally who claim to have positive results.
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