I made one grid for myself and for our home we had also taken the money grid. With respect to my growth, I am experiencing what I am able to ask and what I want for my highest good. As suggested and pushed by you I started charging people for my service, which I use to provide free initially. I am receiving a tremendous response. I also in december 2017 started with conducting successful workshops in mumbai and delhi. Both query responses and workshops are showing the continuous flow of money in my space.

With regard to the money grid, I have seen an increase in the diamonds for our family over the last year. This has been a stupendous return on my investment.




I have been in the technology profession for the last 30 years and worked in the united states and the united kingdom for a number of years. In spite of a successful career, I have been under tremendous financial stress and instability in my job for the last 8-9 years. This year with brixit and the uncertainty in the british economy I faced the prospect of losing my contract and was slapped with a huge tax bill. It was during this time that I connected with zeenat.

After a few sessions where she was able to make me understand the root of my problems by connecting with my higher self. She also suggested that I get the ganesha grid, which would take a few weeks to prepare.

At that point, I had no idea what this was and how would it reach me in london!
A few weeks ago, a few days before the grid was ready, a friend said he was traveling to london and if I had anything for him to carry! At this same time, my tax bill was due and I was short by a significant amount and didn’t know how I would cover it.

Mystically when my friend handed me the grid he also handed me the exact amount that I was short asking me to keep it for him for a few weeks until he needed it. This was the beginning of my connection with the energy of my beautiful grid. There was no stopping me after that! As the weeks unfolded I was able to secure a position within my firm and my bosses who had never appreciated my work suddenly recognized and valued me as an important member of the team! I am now determined that enveloped with the energy of the grid I will be able to settle my financial matters and bring significant changes within me so I can be in sync with the universe and be able to receive its abundance, improve my life condition and be an oasis of calm and peace at all times.




I have known zeenat for almost 3 years now and she is now a very dear friend, confidante, and one of the most amazing women I have come across in my life. She is always calm and composed and is really there for me. She has got my back! I am fortunate that we became closer as friends in the last 1.5 years and she has also worked with me in figuring and dealing with my emotional issues. I have been lucky enough to get two grids from zeenat. I got my first grid around sep-october, 2018 helping me with money issues. I signed up for this grid during a conversation with zeenat sometime in june-july, 2018, and completely forgot about it. One fine day, zeenat messaged me saying my grid is ready. I have to be honest, for whatever reason, I was not stable or comfortable with money prior to that. Somehow, whatever came ended up being spent. Nothing was getting saved and being single, the worry of what will happen next was bothering me. After I got my grid, there is stability, ease, and comfort in handling money. I also ended up with decent savings at the end of my fy. So, I am very grateful to zeenat for my first grid and for all the savings, comfort and ease I have around money now :)
I recently got my second grid and it is with me in my bedroom. The grid tells me it's time for a massive revamp in life and most importantly, accepting myself fully and completely. Although I feel there is too much going on, I know I am being fully supported by my friends, family, and the universe. The grid represents rebirthing is what zeenat tells me and I am excited about this year and how things will pan out. To conclude, I am very grateful for both the grids in my life and all the support that they are giving me, while I am going through my transformation :)




Words fall short for me to appreciate you and your work so far with me.

I received the money grid on my birthday this year and have placed it in my living room right next to my 1st ever grid from you which was focussed on my health, (which by the byis showing steady and consistent improvement over the last 18 months now), that's where it felt at home.....
I spent at least a few hours every day in front of these two grids as you may already know my day starts at 4:30 am every day with prayer and meditation. These grids have been like beacons telling the universe to turn it's focus on me.....I am not saying I won any raffles or lotteries....What I am really trying to say is that it has helped me access the connection to the universe's abundance and therefore then it has helped open up opportunities and new avenues of finances for me and my husband.
On the subject of my husband, mind you he is not much of a believer but just the grid is in the house in his space has helped him establish a deeper understanding of and respect for money, his long-standing dream of owning a business is on fruition now, not without its a fair share of hard work and grit but what I am saying is that somehow inexplicably he has found a rekindling of will to be successful again after a slew of ill-fated failures.
As I pen this email to you in a starbucks at dubai gratitude flows out to you and your work for having made this amazing reconnection for me and my husband to the universal abundance that awaited us.