I decided to look at my shadow self and say to it that I am in love with you. My world changes with every step I take & every choice I make.

Zeenat Lakdawalla

When you shift focus inward you sort all your external disharmony. The more you go within the more will receive TRANQUALITY, LOVE & MONEY from the outer world.

Zeenat Lakdawalla

In the secret chambers of my being I found a door that has opened up my true world.

The truth of my being so clear, so aligned that I desire no more,

I seek no more,

I have found my GOD.

Zeenat Lakdawalla

We are a sum total of all our movies.

Zeenat Lakdawalla

The world reflect me and I see is just myself.

Zeenat Lakdawalla

To understand misery,

you don't have to be miserable

Zeenat Lakdawalla

You are your own tribe.

Stop searching.

Start healing!

Zeenat Lakdawalla

When I stopped fighting is When I received heaven

Zeenat Lakdawalla
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