SoulSearch Blueprint™

A tool of remembrance as your Soul recalibrates, re-aligns, and rejuvenates, wherein your cells transform at a deeper level to move into higher consciousness, vibration, and dimension.

A Spiritual Game Changer with the energies of Light Language & Sacred Geometry

Every moment of our lives is filled with choices. It might seem daunting, but every choice we make is the right one, leading us exactly where we need to be on our journey.

Think of us as weavers of our own reality, limitless beings experiencing life on this beautiful planet. We have the power to shape our world.

Deep down, we hold the key to our own reality. When we align with our true selves, we can expand our being and unlock our full potential.

Despite being limitless beings, we often find ourselves tethered by the heavy energies that hold us back in life.

Fear of Failing Self and Others

Self-doubt - Regret and Disappointment

Limiting beliefs - Nothing is Good Enough

Lack of clarity - Uncertainty and Confusion of Future

Negative Influences - Drain and Hinder Growth

Procrastination - Delaying Progress and Avoidance

Lack of Support - Feeling Abandoned and No Encouragement

Disappointment - Let Down and Disheartened

Resistance - Pushing Back Change 

If you connect with any of these, it suggest that you're not unleashing your fullest potential for growth and fulfillment.

So, what would it be like to have a window into the depths of your soul - a visual representation of your innermost essence and purpose, reflecting your unique patterning and expression

Explore Your Profound Soul and Reveal Your Unique Essence with the Light Language SoulSearch BluePrint™

The World’s First Transformative Light Language Sacred Geometry SoulSearch Blueprint™ for Enlightenment and Self-Discovery

A handmade personalised creation infused with your Higher Soul energy. It is a tool of remembrance as your Soul recalibrates, re-aligns, and rejuvenates, wherein your cells transform at a deeper level to move into higher consciousness, vibration, and dimension.

You will be on a personalised journey at the Soul level, where cues can be tapped to reveal what you are meant to do and be. It's like holding a mirror up to your spirit, revealing the intricate patterns and sacred geometry that make you uniquely you.

Through the messages from your guides and masters in the form of multi-dimensional Light Language codes to help you recognise yourself, knowing of your divinity and connection to the Source. 

SoulSearch Blueprint™ is skilled artistry that brings the energy of the cosmos that I am shown through codes, colours, sounds and writings required for your awakening as it intends to

This transformative experience has impacted worldwide... and NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

People Have Experienced


High Visibility & Audibility


Continuous Flow of Money


Acceptance and Expression


Double Fold Expansion


Stability and Ease


Unexpected Gifts and Money


Balance Flow of Energy


Release of Lower Emotions

What You'll Discover

Sacred Alignment

By embracing Sacred Alignment, you can tap into the powerful energy of Unique Geometry. Aligning with these sacred patterns helps you unlock your true potential and experience profound transformation.

Illuminate and Grow

Healing through Light Language is a means to shine your path and guide you to greater understanding and personal growth. This unique light language helps you heal and expand your inner self with love and light.

Unlock Soul Memory

Gain clarity and navigate with inner wisdom and purpose. Access your soul's guidance for ongoing support, embracing insights that enrich and guide your journey forward.

Transcending Dimensions

Step beyond the confines of everyday perception to embrace higher dimensional beingness. Embark on self-discovery, delving into the depths and unlocking the secrets of your soul's mission.

I have been creating Divine Personalised Grids for many years for my clients globally, and each creation is unique based on your energy imprints.

SoulSearch Blueprint™

A window into the depths of your soul, a visual representation of your innermost essence and purpose representing your unique patterning and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it works for you for a lifetime.

Yes, absolutely!

Individually trace your Right and Left Hand on paper

Scan or share individual images via email at

You will receive your personalised SoulSearch Blueprint™ on an A3-size creation on acid-free 320gsm high-quality paper ready to be framed.

SoulSearch Blueprint™ would be created using mixed media such as pastels, watercolours, pens, and ink.

This is a non–interference process, which is driven by Divine timing!!! The intention is to send it in two to three months.

No processes or rituals need to be followed. Use the SoulSearch BluePrint™ with clear intention and alignment to get the most out of it.

You can place it on your altar, a wall near a window or in an area with sufficient sunlight. As part of the interaction, you can touch it daily or whenever you feel like it. 

Note: even if you do not interact, the SoulSearch BluePrint™ in your proximity does all the work.

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