January 25, 2024
07:00PM to 08:00PM IST
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We are in some roller-coaster month, and now, as we walk through the doorways of the first full moon of the year into the heart-expanding sign of Leo, I look into the eye of this majestic Lion, it shows me courage, strength, and smartness and agility. It uses its throat to bring out the sound that can carry a chillwave into the silence of the forest.
If I take this energy forward, we need to consider how we will use this time of the year for speaking, purging, transmuting, and moving forward into creation. Like the Lion use your throat to speak the truth and bring about change, much like the power of your expressions and intentions. The year of solid karma energy has just begun, and we need to build and conserve our energies to create a new reality with lesser baggage and lighter Soul imprints.
I see this Full Moon surfacing old thoughts and emotions of your inner child manifesting as repeating patterns and memories of soul contracts. It’s an opportunity to look at some inner wounds rooted in childhood and family programming and understand how they may influence your situation and feelings. Time heals only when we acknowledge and control the reigns to release disharmony and decide to bring in joy.

Join me for a 45-minute live (with recording) Light Language Leo Full Moon group guided meditation. I intend to take you on a guided journey to
- Release frozen moments of bondage
- Release fear of change
- Expand heart energy, connect with desires and passions
- Honour self and allow creativity to flow

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Come, Let's Heal and Expand!
Many Blessings!

Creator of the first light language sacred geometry crystal grids and a transformational energy healer with over 10 years of experience. A featured international speaker who has worked with over 1000 clients globally who claim to have positive results