November 11, 2023
7:00PM to 9:30PM IST
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This year has been about travel for healing and expansion for me. I was in the North of India a week ago and I am currently traveling through the South of India, connecting with the land, and visiting sacred sites and temples. During this journey, I am working on myself and feeling guided and inspired to share new challenges with all of you. As I work with my Dragon/s, I am looking at the expansion of humanity as Gaia has expanded. She is shedding all that had imprints and lower energies that are far from light.

Expansion is the theme for November, as it carries the vibration of higher spiritual awakening and divinity. It is about standing in front of a portal of the highest virtue while looking at the duality and aligning with the truth and highest good. We are responsible for ourselves as much as we are for others. One of the highest vibrations of the month is November 11 (1111), which is a potent day for opening your heart and strengthening the energy of your heart field. It is the place that will take us deeper within to create a different reality.

Adding to the warmth of the month as we are in India and are celebrating five days of Diwali with Goddess Laxmi and Kuber. I am honored to work with their energies on the powerful day, 1111. It is no coincidence that Diwali falls on this beautiful and powerful day; as I look at this number, it adds up to 22, which is also a Master Number. Last month, on October 22 a lot of work was done globally on the expansion of the DNA. I have also shared the Light Language DNA cleansing MP3, (I hope you are listening to it daily). My own experience has been that as I work more on it, I get a better sense of change and awareness.

This year, tomorrow for the 1111 portal opening, I will take you through a powerful Light Language meditation as I work with the dragon energy, the portal, Laxmi, and Kubera. I invite you to be part of this creation energy through a 45-minute Live (with recording) Light Language New Codes to bring in the energy to:

- Expand DNA to access and unlock full potential
- Unblock the heart and higher heart to experience greater levels of joy and fulfillment
- Allow manifestation and spiritual enhancement to create a life of abundance

Date - November 11, 2023- Friday

Time: 07:00 PM IST (India). To map the date and time for your respective country, please refer to

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Come, Let's Heal and Expand!
Many Blessings!

Zeenat Lakdawalla
First Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids and A Transformational Energy Healer with over 10 years of experience. A featured international speaker who has worked with over 1000 clients globally who claim to have positive results.
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